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Breaking News Manchester United have reached an agreement with Christiano Ronaldo

I started following United from 2007 ,when the prime Ronaldo years were about to begin .Therefore it certainly hurts reading these things about him moving to City. United have been very poor (as always) in selling players at a good price even though we have got a gigantic squad. Had we sold some players United would’ve seriously considered getting him for a couple of years. At a reported fee of only £25mn it's a no brainer given that you can easily make up that money through shirt sales,image rights and other stuff. Also its been reported that he is wiiling to take a pay cut,so the wages should not be that of a problem. Cristiano is'nt one of those one club man people. He is a winner ,so he'll go wherever the project-ambition-quality is there to win big trophies. City definitely have all of those things aplenty. He has every right to go to city if it’s the best proposal on the table. Had United been firmly interested in signing him it would’ve been a different ball game alt