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why definitely should not sell your Bitcoin

Firstly congratulations on owning your first whole Bitcoin.  I usually would have told you to hodl your one btc for the next 5 years which I'm sure Bitcoin might have been close to 100k if not more.  However, I suggest you make your btc work for you and the profit you are looking to earn by the year 2025 could realistically be earned in 3–6 months. Someone might need curious to know exactly how that can happen because I was at first too when I was holding 100% of my bitcoins. I decided to start trading on Pipsahoytrades dot io with about 0.02 btc and when I saw my profit increase exponentially I definitely reinvested my earnings. The awesome part is that I didn't have to trade by myself, the pipsahoy team handles all the trades, all I had to do was monitor my earnings and make withdrawals. Its been a joy ride ever since and I can boast of over 5 btc currently, well considering the dip it's scary I know but I'm still HODL and investing with Pipsahoytrades io What is Bitc