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The SnowBall: Warren Buffett and the Business of Life Summary & Book Review

TOP 5 TAKEAWAYS FROM THE SNOWBALL: WARREN BUFFETT AND THE BUSINESS OF LIFE WRITTEN BY ALICE SHRODER Warrenf the most successful  In 2007 he became the richest man in the world for the first time, Warren Buffett complete focus on investing can't be over looked Warren Buffett always tried to save a dollar in order to grow his capital faster Warren Buffett is not interested in real estate , art , cars, or any other token of wealth Warren Buffett still lives in the same house he lived in 50 years ago this is a blog post presenting the top 5 take ways of the snowball Warren Buffett and the business of life written by Alice shroder. 1. Power of compounding income Imagine that you started a new job during your first day you work for eight hours and at the end of the day your manager gives you a $100 bucks the next day you go back and you get ready for another eight hours of labor after 7 hours and 50 minutes your manager goes over to you and gives $100 bucks and asks you to leave for the