How to create Napsternetv VPN Configuration files in Uganda 2023

 How to get free internet in Uganda

am going to show you the method I use when creating Napsternetv VPN Configuration files okay for this method 


I am going to be using an online server my favorite online server is  so what you are going to do first things first download the Napsternetv VPN app from Google play store

 Step 1

Open any web browser eg chrome , Firefox , open chrome and search or click here after reading this blog post


when you

reach fastssh you check the top left click on Vray servers after that there will be many servers to choose from after you choose a server of your choice 

create an account you can put any user name you want and you have to put a back host so remember we are going to be using a zero rated you can put this back host 


 so after putting the back host will have to complete the recapcha and create account after when your account is created copy the text and then open the Napsternetv VPN app you will see a + sign click on it and then you will copy from clipboard and then click then after you click on the play button and you see VPN connected you can if it's working in stats check the downlink it will show you something try using  YouTube and other sites

to see if the VPN is working if you have any questions please feel free to comment I will help


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