How to Create a Paypal Account in Uganda to Receive and Send Money online in Uganda 2022

How to Create a Paypal account in Uganda for free

So I have seen people in Uganda having a lot of difficulty in creating a Paypal account in Uganda and costly
 But I am going to show you to create a Paypal account in Uganda for free

Is Paypal Available in Uganda
Yes Paypal is available in Uganda since 2021 you can create a Paypal account easily you just need to follow the simple steps below

 Step 1: go to and click on sign up for a personal account

Step 2: Now here just choose Uganda as your country and click on Get  started

Step 3: After you chose Uganda as your country now you have to enter your Airtel or MTN Sim card number to a verification code

After you fill in your phone number Paypal is going to send you a verification code on your phone quick please make sure to fill in the correct code as shown below

Step 4: Now you have to fill in Email , Name and Password to create your Paypal account

Step 5: Now this is the most difficult part, Your date of birth must be lower than 2003 because you need to be over 18 years to get a Paypal account , Address line 1 you can fill in the one you are in and postal code use BR6 that's the only one I know unless if you know another one and now click and agree with the PayPal terms and conditions

After that you will have successfully created a Paypal account in Uganda for free and you will see something like this
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