Top 8 New Ways to Make Money Online for Beginners in 2022

How I Make Money Online in 2022

8 Ways to Earn Money Online in 2022

 (AKA Why Lead Gen is the Easiest Online Biz Ever)In this article, you’ll see why Lead Gen is the best business model to get into now versus any other biz.You’re probably thinking:“The best business model? I haven’t even heard of it. What is it?What’s Lead Gen?

1.Lead Generation

You rank websites at the top of Google that generate leads for local businesses, and you simply sell the leads.There six quick steps to lead gen:Pick a Niche (there’s over 6000 niches to choose from in over 5000 areas in the US alone, aka no sign of saturation)Build and Rank the Website (no, algorithm’s won’t affect your rankings in local)Send Free Leads (provide value in advance to win your clients over)Close a Deal (Average deal I closed in the beginning was 750 dollars a month, that’s a 6k per year raise off of a single digital asset)Build Out More Properties (after 5 years of being in the program, I have over 80 different pieces of online real estate, generating me over 52k each month)Hire a Team and Scale (over time, you can do as I did, really push your income to the sky by adding team members to do a lot of the ground work for you)But that’s not your only online opportunity these days.

2.Amazon FBA

You might have looked into starting your own private label brand on Amazon, going down the path of trying to determine which full-to-the-ceil category on Amazon you want to get into. (if that was it it might be worth it, but that’s only the start of your headache)Me?After I did 7 figures in my head gen business after only a few years in the program, I had to satisfy my FOMO because back then FBA was all the rage.Long story short: I built a couple of brands and ultimate hit 12k per month in profit, but it took all my time to manage inventory, where products were in their production and then shipping process and if Amazon’s fulfillment center had accepted them into their warehouse yet (it’s not an instant process, let me tell you).To be even close to being profitable on Amazon (average profit margin with Amazon’s rising fees is 15%, while my lead gen business does 85% profit, month after month)Learn more about getting started on Amazon here.Next up is another type of ecommerce: Dropshipping

3. Drop shipping

Here’s the deal:If you don’t want to spend a sh*t ton to get started on Amazon FBA, but you still like dealing physical products, drop-shipping might be your squeeze.Listen upTo dropship, you’ll need to be pretty savvy on web stores like aliexpress. You’ll be getting orders after creating listings on places like Amazon or eBay, and then you’ll have to quick order the product for your customer from a cheaper store like Walmart.A word of warning:But if you opt in on this model, keep it on the down low, because while it’s not illegal (aka Uncle Sam won’t make you disappear like Epstein, but the big box stores and ecommerce giants don’t like it when you don’t have what you are selling).If the big guys don’t pull the plug on your biz, it’s likely time will.You probably like:“Well, Ippei, what do you mean?”Having been doing business on the web for over half a decade now, I can tell you I’ve seen dropshippers make yacht fulls of cash from trends.Take those tri-sided ball bearing deals, fidget spinners for example.Hop on Google Trends and you’ll see one mountain and a lot of tiny bumps.If you can scope in on an upcoming trend, then you can probably make a couple stacks if you implement quickly.Otherwise, your dropshipping biz could easily go the way of the Titantic with how expensive FB ads are getting.But even if you make a killing promoting your product via Facebook, how long until he either dings your ad account or changes up his algorithm?Secure income? I think not.Meanwhile, I’ve been making green steadily from this site for over a 1/20th of a century(I get over 3k each month from this site alone)Since I told you FB’s not a solid rock to start you business on, you might ask:“Hey man, what about search engine optimization? That’s part of your process, isn’t?”

4. SEO

While SEO is part of the lead gen process, and I did do some seo to get some super quick cash flowing in my biz, the issue I always ran into is simply this:My clients always left me.Either when they didn’t think I was getting them results fast enough or when I’d get them well-ranked and they’d say, “Why are we paying him anymore?”So the checks would stop flowing.This and the following biz have the common issue of quick client turnover if you aren’t at their beck and call all the time.Don’t get me wrong, I rank for some of the toughest keyword now with my blog, don’t think I’m not willing to put in the time to work through the sandbox Google makes national and global websites go through.I’ve been ranking a lot of sites for a lot of years now and seen that if you have the right level of content, with the right level of support from other sites, you can rank for almost http://anything.So I decided a while ago to not do SEO anymore, not for the lack of skills, but because I got sick of ranking other business’s sites just for them to leave my services quicker than Cardi B left Offset.

5.Social Media Marketing Agency

If you’re not big on ranking sites, you might have considered managing other businesses social media, thinking that you love posting and that it’s great to see which posts get the most likes and shares, or even hit the social media jackpot of going viral.But if you’re just posting on social, you might run into of your client coming to you one day and saying,“Thanks for building our following! But now that we are getting all this attention and our brand is growing, we’ve decided to move on. Thanks for your help!”And they’re off.That’s a tough one, but I’m hoping you are catching my http://drift.It’s not really a fun place to be when you’ve done all this work for a client, and have gotten them significant results and they knock you off their budget faster than McGregor knocked out Jose Aldo.

6. Social Media Marketing Consultant

It’s way more fun to be able to tell others what they could do better without having to do the work yourself.#thelifeofaconsultantReally though, unless you already have a considerable amount of experience in the arena of social media marketing, who’s going to hire you after they notice the absence of testimonials on your website?If you really want to become a consultant, your best bet is to become an expert in a specific skillset that leads to a specific, easily communicable result.When I an internet newbie, unlike my friend Shiv, I didn’t have a record of success from a young age.Instead, I was hit with a facebook ad video of a guy telling me how he made 100k via building and banking simple, small websites.Seeing this as my start, I took action, getting 13 clients and making 8k per month with in the first seven months of being a part of the coaching program, and I left my 9–5 life behind for good.

7. Start a Blog

One of the most misleading opportunities today is starting a blog, because it’s free.While you can begin writing out pages and posts on a website for free, as often is the case, endeavors that are low on money are high on time.When I started Take Your Internet Business to the Next Level back in 2016, I was writing out posts daily (before breakfast) for 7 months before I had a sniffle of traffic(and by that time, I knew a lot about making sites rank on google, such as the importance of getting do-follow backlinks from authority sites as well as having the best content money can buy on each and every page).So yes, you can make money starting a blog, but be prepared that you’ll have to do 2 things for quite some time before coin will begin to trickle back your way:You’ll need to be writing, daily. Your content needs to as long as the currently ranked articles if not longer. Additionally, your content needs to be more informative, more creative and more interesting than your competition.

(Word of Advice: Format your title tag different than the other posts ranked at the top and Google will push you higher to the top)You need to be sticking your high quality content in other sites’ faces because you need to get them to link out to you (which is called a backlink). There’s millions of blogs on the web today, probably billions. How do search engines pick you over everyone else? Mainly your backlink profile. You need to be getting these authoritative links in legitimate ways for them really to be making a difference in your rankings.

8.Affiliate Marketing 

You know how this goes down right?You take another company’s product page and build a blog around it or start up a youtube channel doing product reviews of them and their competition and if someone clicks your links and buys the company’s item, you’ll get a slice, a commission for your part in making the sale.That’s how most sites describe affiliate marketing anyway.But they aren’t telling you the whole STORY.IT’s kind of like them telling you a joke without giving you the punchline:Not only does it take a long time to get your affiliate blog up and running (aka having a considerable level of traffic)Your “business” has a multiplicity of http://vulnerabilities.It’s like a ship with a 100 different corks in the bottom.If one pops out, you’re going to sink to the bottom like a rock.

What are the vulnerabilities of Affiliate Marketing?Let’s start at the tippy top:What if your company (like Amazon on April 20, 2020), cuts their commission rate in half? or removes the program all together?The water starts coming into your boat of business, that’s what happens.Check this out:(btw this ain’t me blowin smoke, this is CNBC (source))If you were an affiliate with Amazon before, pretty sure your cash cow just dried up, or went out to pasture entirely.For all those reason and more, that’s why I believe that the lead gen model is the income of the future.Rather than just hoping the corks don’t pop out of my boat, I pursue reliable and stable flows of income, and many of the forms of income are digital assets that are rented out businesses for years if not decades at a time.They fly under the storm of Google’s algorithm since they are local, and the best part?Once you get your sites built and banked, they are pretty much passive income

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