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How to become more intelligent than other people?

How to become intelligent

people don’t usually have the capacity of recognizing the intelligence of a smart person unless being told

Smart people share a few key personality traits. It's relatively simple for an intelligent person to recognize one of his peers, similar to how top musicians recognize each other after hearing a few bars played on any instrument. I'm not sure you can tell how smart someone is by watching them sleep for an extended period of time. Words and actions from said person are generally required and are most likely the most reliable indicators of intelligence.For me, any of these is a good “smart person” indicator:

1. Intelligent People Have Clarity of life                      Intelligent people think very accurately, and they know exactly what they are talking about. They don't get easily distracted, and they always understand the concept. When someone confuses one concept for another, especially after you have pointed it out to them, you can tell they are not very intelligent. Let us assume that 'clarity of thought or life' is associated with'solving a problem' or making a decision in this context

Clarity of thought is the ability to visualize the outcome as well as the steps required to achieve that outcome completely and accurately.

Visualizing the outcome: We frequently proceed without considering or agreeing on the outcomes. This frequently occurs because we have been told what to 'do' but not why. The teller understands what he wants but not what he requires. 

    1. However, the most significant impediment to this clarity of thought is interference from other unnecessary thoughts. "Will this path be good enough?" "Will there be other better paths?" "Will this path be wrong?" "Will I get appreciation for this path?" "Will I be able to walk on this path?" As you can see, they are mostly concerned with looking good rather than working well. If you can't tell the difference between the two, you'll most likely get caught up in a slew of 'Will I look good?' thoughts that you'll mistake for solutions.

    2. Turning consequences into a constraint is another source of additional thoughts.

    3. For eg. We might be in a dilemma: “Should I break up with this guy?” followed by ‘If I break up - what if I do not find someone else?’, ‘If I break up - what if I am not able to fall in love again?’ . Now, ‘being able or not able to find someone else’, ‘being able to or not able to fall in love again ‘ is the consequence of the decision to break up. Not within our control.

      But we turn it into a constraint for decision making: “I will break up only if I am certain of finding someone better and of falling in love again”

      Since there is no way to predict the future, we never reach that point of certainty - and stay indecisive forever.

      Instead, if we are clear about consequences vs constraint, we will ask: “Do I want to break up with this guy or not? Once I decide, then whatever consequences arise will have to be dealt with - positive and negative. The only question will be ‘how’ not ‘whether’. ”

      Deciding happens first and and then managing the consequences. Not predicting the consequences and then deciding. Once we see this, our mind comes back to the decision, rather than worrying about the consequences.

      If we are aware of the difference between relevant vs irrelevant thoughts, then we simply ignore the irrelevant ones when they arise. Like ignoring a sledge-hammer when the aim is to slice tomatoes. Or ignoring a knife when the aim is to crush stones.

      Being aware of this 4th factor is the most important ingredient for clarity of thought.

    In short, clarity of life happens when you have put in the time and effort to understand clearly on what is needed, think through carefully on the steps involved - and do not let these thoughts get contaminated by a thousand other seemingly important but totally unnecessary thought

  1.  Create an Efficient thinking process.

    Personally, I consider ineffective thinking to be a bad habit, similar to smoking and picking one's nose. Everyone knows that smoking is bad for your health, and everyone knows that picking your nose is bad for your health. Nonetheless, a large number of people want to do it. Why? Because you become accustomed to it. In physics, this is known as inertia, and it is difficult to overcome. So, as kindergarten students, what we should do first is try to develop a good habit, such as thinking positively. To be more dramatic, use positive energy to dispel negative thoughts. Sounds simple, doesn't it? No, no, no, saying goodbye to what you've grown accustomed to for so long is always a difficult task, so we should make it simple and practical.

    My method is simply try to start to avoid using negative words when you are talking, whatever it is gossip or serious business conversation or a class speech.
    If you observe clearly, all the negative people like to use negative words to describe things, this caused negative thoughts and negative attitude.
    Ex.Negative: " What a damn F**King weather?" or "The weather is so terrible."
    Positive: "The weather is not very nice today." "What's a pity it is not a beautiful day!"
    See, it does express the similar idea but in a different way.
    Then we should talk about something really not fresh.
    When talk about a person, try to see people at positive way.
    It seems very old-fashion, even very fake, but it doesn't mean you have to lie or twist your personal feelings about that person.
    Like he is annoyed, you can say sometimes he makes me feel not so comfortable.
    Always think about the good quality of people.
    My personal conclusion is that, ugly people like to say mean words; Stupid people like to show obvious judgement; Selfish people like to think only about bad of others; A person lack of safety really doesn't trust everybody.
    I don't mean they commit some criminals, but thinking negative has its different types, and it all exposes your different bad qualities.
    So, above, when you think you are exposing your bad qualities by expressing negative thoughts, you may avoid to do it.
    However, I have to say negative thoughts is normal for everybody, and it is a human natural. Because you live in a secular world, it is not possible for you to get rid of it totally, but avoiding it as possible as you can

    I carefully read your description, and I feel compelled to comment on over-analysis. It is yet another bad habit that will cause you anxiety and possibly depression. My personal, possibly useful suggestion is to consider the priority of the things you analyze. I cannot say that analysis is useless. Because much of what scientists do in their research is analysis. When you're about to analyze something, consider whether it's really necessary. Make a mental cost-benefit analysis; if you don't think it's necessary, toss it out. If it is difficult for you not to think about it, even after the analysis, this indicates that you are becoming paranoid. You must consult a professional doctor for assistance.

    Above all, don't be freaking out. Try to relax yourself, and don't think too much, because to life, less is more. He gets to the point without having to struggle through a long and arduous convoluted thought process. He identifies the essence of the issue quickly, effortlessly and accurately. People who keep missing the point cannot be very smart.

  1. Originality. He says something from time to time that is so insightful and unique about a common subject without even trying - about something people are familiar with, yet his take on it is so refreshing and original, you would experience an “aha” moment. Dumb people repeat what they hear other people say - even though they may have re-packaged the words somewhat, but you know you “have heard of this one before”.

  1. Introspection. This is not common even among the “smart” people, but it certainly is a sign of high level of intelligence for those who have it: their accurate assessment of “the self” - he knows his own strengths and weaknesses, keenly aware of what he knows and does not know, what he can and cannot do, and how others see him.

  1. Modesty. Another personality trait exclusive to “smart” people, yet not all smart people have. He lets you see a version of him “less than” what he actually is - he knows more than you think he does, is capable of more than you think he is. He down-plays himself.

In general, you know you are talking with a smart person when he makes you feel smart about yourself. He lets you see his point of view and you like what you see.


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