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Top five best iOS 15 features on iPhone 13

Top  iOS 15 features on iPhone 13

I've been using my new iPhone 13 for quite awhile now and I just wanted to go over some of my favorite features. And honestly, the number one feature is my absolute favorite is when someone sends you like, a freaking handful of photos, you click one single button; and all those 

Now photos are automatically downloaded into your camera roll on  iPhone 13

Before, that would drive me absolute insane that I would just have people be like , look put this in,Dropbox this make me an iCloud link. Don't send me 500 pictures in one imessage. There's also an option that you can now have it set up so that these will automatically be downloaded into your camera roll with the shared-with you, shared with you

Shared with you this also works with links and it's been so helpful to have this because my sister and I have working on setting up a new studio space and we're constantly sending links back and forth. So just to be able to go in and look at the links and look at photos separately and automatically have the stuff downloaded into the camera roll why did it have to take until iOS 15 for this to be a feature. I don't know, but I'm here for it, and so excited that it is finally a thing.

The next one that is kind of cool is using FaceTime links this will allow you to FaceTime with anybody outside of the Apple ecosystem, whether they're on an Android phone, a PC on a Mac, it doesn't matter. You freaking send them this link,they can join in on your FaceTime call. The only thing that you can't do with this is use share play which actually isn't even out yet at the time of writing this post but still the fact that we can now extend outside of the Apple ecosystem and send a FaceTime link is pretty cool.

 Brand New focus modes on  iPhone 13

Now this is something that I have not yet actually kinda of really drove into and kind of set up, but it is a cool feature because you can set up various modes for if you you're working, or if you're at home, and it'll basically turn your phone into a completely different phone. So you can actually set this up. So if you don't have disturb on, you can see the people that are allowed to notify you when this don't disturb is on. You can can also have it change the applications on your home screen so that you won't be distracted if you're in work mode to go scroll on tiktok

So if you have this, " do not disturb" on people will also be notified that you don't want to be Disturbed, and those set notifications that I've allowed will come through.  Everything else, nope

Brand New Updates to the Memoji on  iPhone 13

So you can update your avatar with 40 different outfits choices, there's two different eye colors, there's new glasses there's nine new stickers, and there's mult- coloed head wear as well as new accessibility options.  They even have two different types of masks that you can wear now. But here's the clothing like this is an aggressive amount of clothing options that you can choose from. I can barely figure out what to wear every single day on my own body now I have to worry about my Memoji body

 The all new notification summary on  iPhone 13

Okay, so this is interesting. Normally, notifications come in one by one as they happen, and it's pretty aggressive and overwhelming, especially if you get a lot of notifications,or if you're on social media. But with notification summary, you can set it up to take all of those notifications over the past couple of hours and combine them all into one so that you get a summary. 

Most people would probably set it up to be once or twice a day, well set up four of them. I set my first summary at 8:00 AM , so it was like, when I'm up , awake, after I've had my coffee, I'll get my summary from the morning, my second summary at 11:00 AM , my third at 2:00 PM, and my fourth at 9:00 PM, right before I got to bed. I feel like that's pretty good. Like that's not bad at all I do think that the Instagram DMs , and Twitter DMs, and things like that will automatically be pushed through because those are kind of timely, but sort of the everyday updates of like, so-and-so liked your photo.  Those will all be kind of grouped into one little, kind of section, so you don't have to be obsessively like,hmm , what's happening? What's happening

Live text in your photos on iPhone 13

This is now making your entire camera library searchable. So if there's text that is featured on a menu, like I can go in here and search for grilled cheese, and if I've ever a photo of a menu that has grilled cheese on it, I can go back to that very photo. But I've also been using it a lot like this, let me show you, let me get a book or something. So if there's like a piece of text or something, you can take a picture on your iPhone 13 and you'll see that this automatically is popping up and recognizing that that's text, take a picture. This is the freaking future.

Like, that's so cool. And so useful there's even been things that I've had to do, like on my computer that I've taken a picture of my freaking monitor and then selected it because it's actually quicker to do that than to copy and paste it on the keyboard, and then paste it on. It's honestly, it's just the use cases for this are endless I've seen phone numbers that I've needed to call I just take a picture, copy , paste it into the phone app, make the call m


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