How long does the iPhone 13 pro max battery last ? iphone 13 pro battery life test

How long does the iPhone 13 battery last

The battery life of the iPhone 13 is wild I can't think of any newtro boring way of putting that this is just crazy stuff and that's coming from somebody who was used to last year's crazy battery life in the iPhone 12 pro max but the iPhone 13 pro will give you two days off battery life and I don't mean eight hours work days I mean hole days I normally wake up at 6:00am and I will go back to bed around 10:00 pm sometimes earlier sometimes later depending on depending on what ever TV show I am watching in the past week I have gone to bed with 60% battery life I don't really care all that much about screen on time or screen off time what ever draining test or what ever all of kind of things people do to check out the battery life test 

I use this through out the week as I would normally do plenty of watching YouTube , Amazon TV , Twitter , Reddit everything I don't hold back or did I think about rushing my phone use like sometimes I feel like I need to do on the iPhone 13 mini full out a day of use and it only used 40% of the battery if I had five hands I would give the iPhone 13 pro max five thumbs up I easily believe the claims that apple made about increasing iPhone 13 pro max battery life and this is showing up in serious practical ways the battery life it's pretty good the next reason why you should buy the iPhone 13 pro max also ties in with battery life because this actually makes the phone more efficient with it's power but it's also kinda of cool by itself that's the pro motion technology built into the screen

Now I know most people have centered around the fact that pro motion will allow the screen to refresh up to 120 Hz if you are a tech person and you don't what refresh rate means screens aren't actually in motion this are constantly updating still images that give the appearance of motion and the more frames in that or the more times that screen refreshes the better that image will look the reason why movies and TV shows can look different is movies are are shot in 24 frames per second or while TV shows can be shot at 30 frames per second or 60 frames per second so the faster your screen refreshes the better the image will be but that take up alot of battery life Prossesing energy to make that happen but pro motion also works the other way too it can reduce the refresh rate down to as low as 10 Hz meaning that if you were reading a document or something else that cases the screen to be static or move slowly the phone will down grade process were by saving you a ton of battery life that's just cool as it is

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