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How to never run out of things to say - keep a conversation flowing

How to the conversation flowing with anyone Today we are going to be talking about something that I am sure a lot you guys have problems with let me ask you a question have you ever had a hard time coming up with things to talk about your brain ever just freeze and you end up with a long awkward silence well today I am going to be sharing with you four extremely powerful topics that you can just talk about with anyone learning and using these four topics will allow you to build large amount of rapport with just about anyone and will also allow you to create long lasting friendships An easy way to remember these four is through an acronym called Ford  1.   Family Everyone has some sort of family they are integral to our lives they are the first people that we get to know and for that reason, we hold a special place in our hearts for them studies have found time and time again that when people share family related matters with strangers they feel significantly closer to them afterwards n

How to keep your emotions down

1 No matter how great the talent or effort you put, some things just take time, you can not produce a baby in one month by getting nine women pregnant, Why do you think some people are poor and unsuccessful, well it takes time crazy dedication and the willing desire to become rich you must endure the hard times do you expect to become rich without getting sick, getting desperate, you should always keep your emotions down. I want to think about that moment when you feel like quitting,  ask your self are you disappointed, angry, depressed, you should always know your emotional state before making any changes to your life. If you don't endure the difficult times or you won't be able to go through the difficult road to success. Great things take time Rome wasn't built in one day

10 Cognitive Biases That Cause Bad Decision Making

   Top 10  Cognitive Biases  you need to know 1. Anchoring bias Anchoring Bias  is when  we humans usually completely rely on the first information that we receive no matter how reliable that piece of information is when we take decisions the very first information has tremendous effect on our brain for instance I want to sell you a car and you are interested to buy it let's say you ask me what the prices and I tell you thirty thousand dollars now. If you come back a week later and I say I will sell it to you for twenty thousand dollars this seems like a new very cheap price to you right because your judgement is based on the initial information you got which was $30,000 you feel like you're getting deal but let's say the first time that you you ask me and I I say $10,000 and then you come back the next week and I tell you I'm gonna sell to you for $20,000 now it doesn't look like a very good deal because of the anchoring bias this is just a very generic use of the

Top five best iOS 15 features on iPhone 13

Top  iOS 15 features on iPhone 13 I've been using my new iPhone 13 for quite awhile now and I just wanted to go over some of my favorite features. And honestly, the number one feature is my absolute favorite is when someone sends you like, a freaking handful of photos, you click one single button; and all those  Now photos are automatically downloaded into your camera roll on  iPhone 13 Before, that would drive me absolute insane that I would just have people be like , look put this in ,Dropbox this make me an iCloud link. Don't send me 500 pictures in one imessage. There's also an option that you can now have it set up so that these will automatically be downloaded into your camera roll with the shared-with you, shared with you Shared with you this also works with links and it's been so helpful to have this because my sister and I have working on setting up a new studio space and we're constantly sending links back and forth. So just to be able to go in a

How long does the iPhone 13 pro max battery last ? iphone 13 pro battery life test

How long does the iPhone 13 battery last The battery life of the iPhone 13 is wild I can't think of any newtro boring way of putting that this is just crazy stuff and that's coming from somebody who was used to last year's crazy battery life in the iPhone 12 pro max but the iPhone 13 pro will give you two days off battery life and I don't mean eight hours work days I mean hole days I normally wake up at 6:00am and I will go back to bed around 10:00 pm sometimes earlier sometimes later depending on depending on what ever TV show I am watching in the past week I have gone to bed with 60% battery life I don't really care all that much about screen on time or screen off time what ever draining test or what ever all of kind of things people do to check out the battery life test  I use this through out the week as I would normally do plenty of watching YouTube , Amazon TV , Twitter , Reddit everything I don't hold back or did I think about rushing my phone use like so

The SnowBall: Warren Buffett and the Business of Life Summary & Book Review

TOP 5 TAKEAWAYS FROM THE SNOWBALL: WARREN BUFFETT AND THE BUSINESS OF LIFE WRITTEN BY ALICE SHRODER Warrenf the most successful  In 2007 he became the richest man in the world for the first time, Warren Buffett complete focus on investing can't be over looked Warren Buffett always tried to save a dollar in order to grow his capital faster Warren Buffett is not interested in real estate , art , cars, or any other token of wealth Warren Buffett still lives in the same house he lived in 50 years ago this is a blog post presenting the top 5 take ways of the snowball Warren Buffett and the business of life written by Alice shroder. 1. Power of compounding income Imagine that you started a new job during your first day you work for eight hours and at the end of the day your manager gives you a $100 bucks the next day you go back and you get ready for another eight hours of labor after 7 hours and 50 minutes your manager goes over to you and gives $100 bucks and asks you to leave for the