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Why your Droid VPN not connecting | Droid VPN high speed internet settings 2021 for MTN & Airtel

Top 3 reasons why your Droid VPN is not connecting 1 the sever full problem  The sever full problem is the most common problem all Droid users find, you see if Droid VPN tells you that it's full it means it's full so what can do is to restart your Droid switch on and off your data and restarting your phone remember that Droid VPN doesn't favor New users at least make sure that you try to connect it 10x a day and if it starts connecting use it every day and please don't connect the Droid VPN when you have less than 25% of your phones battery life some phones are designed poorly and can't process alot when it has battery low 2   socket bid failed  Well you can't do anything about this this is one of the most hard problems you will find but the only thing you can do is to close the Droid VPN and open it again if it doesn't work close the VPN and don't open it until your phone cool down like after two hours 3 Invalid username and passw

Breaking News Manchester United have reached an agreement with Christiano Ronaldo

I started following United from 2007 ,when the prime Ronaldo years were about to begin .Therefore it certainly hurts reading these things about him moving to City. United have been very poor (as always) in selling players at a good price even though we have got a gigantic squad. Had we sold some players United would’ve seriously considered getting him for a couple of years. At a reported fee of only £25mn it's a no brainer given that you can easily make up that money through shirt sales,image rights and other stuff. Also its been reported that he is wiiling to take a pay cut,so the wages should not be that of a problem. Cristiano is'nt one of those one club man people. He is a winner ,so he'll go wherever the project-ambition-quality is there to win big trophies. City definitely have all of those things aplenty. He has every right to go to city if it’s the best proposal on the table. Had United been firmly interested in signing him it would’ve been a different ball game alt

How should investors behave in the stock market ?

How should you behave in the stock market? An investor calculates what a stock is worth ,based on the value of its businesses.  A speculator gambles that a stock will go up in price because somebody else will pay even more for it. As Graham once put it, investors judge “the market price bye stablished standards of value,” while speculators “base [their] standards of value upon the market price.  For a speculator, the incessant stream of stock quotes is like oxygen; cut it off and hedies. For an investor, what Graham called “quotational” values matter muchless .Graham urges you to invest only if you would be comfortable owning a stock even if you had no way of knowing its daily share price.  Like casino gambling or betting on the horses, speculating in the market can be exciting or even rewarding (ifyouhappentogetlucky). But it’s the worst imaginable way to build your wealth. That’s because WallStreet, like LasVegas or the race track, has calibrated the odds so that the house always pre

4 ways to make money with Bitcoin?

After you’ve decided to make a lot of money with bitcoin in 2021, you can learn about the various ways to make money. It is the easiest way to earn a decent income while investing decent savings in bitcoin. Well, there seem to be a lot of choices accessible for making money after investing in bitcoin. However, before diving into the core of the matter, everybody should be familiar with the fundamentals of the cryptocurrency in question. Since some time has passed, bitcoin is being used to acquire consumer goods and services. There isn’t anything left these days that you can’t get with bitcoin. Per nation has its own set of regulations for embracing bitcoin and allowing users to make purchases in that currency. There are several countries that encourage their residents to use bitcoin to purchase a wide range of goods. They will purchase small items such as a vacuum cleaner using the money, they save on more expensive items such as supercars. People should now be familiar with big concep

Breaking News Leonel Messi leaves Barcelona Will PSG, MANCHESTER UNITED, MAN CITY, CHELSEA, sign Leonel Messi this summer lastest transfer news

Yes. They do stand strong. They have plenty of forwards, Depay, Agüero, Martin GOATwaite, and more. TRUE they are not like Messi, Messi is unique and I don’t think anyone will be able to replace him in Barcelona. It will be weird seeing Barcelona play without Messi and sure things will change. Messi in Barcelona not only scored goals but he gave hella assists, created tons of plays which is something that might and will possibly change for Barcelona next season but they still will be strong with the current squad.  It’s the same like when Ronaldo left Real Madrid, many thought Real was gonna go down bad, and sure things were not the same, but Ronaldo leaving gave a huge opportunity for Benzema to show his class and hell yea he did. And same can happen for Barca. Messi leaving can give someone from the squad that opportunity to shine but one thing is for sure in both scenarios with Ronaldo and Messi. No one can or will replace them and no one will ever come close to what both did for th

How to trust your self ? Allan Watts

The source of all light is in the eye if there were no eyes in this world the sun would not be light you evoke light out of the universe in the someway you having a soft skin evoke hardness out of wood, Wood is only hard in relation to you having a soft skin it's your ear drum that evokes sounds out of the air you by being this organism call into the whole universe of light, color , hardness and everything but in the mythology that we sold our selves on during the end of the 19th century when people discovered how big the universe was and we in a solar system on the edge of the Galaxy which is a Minar galaxy every body thought urrgghh we are really un important after all God is it there and doesn't love us.   And nature doesn't give a damn and we put our selves down but actually it's this little funny little mircobe tinny thing crawling on this little planet  that's way out some where who has the ingenuity by the nature of this magnificent organic structure to evoke