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Will Bitcoin crush again in 2021 ?

Bitcoin may crush or sky rocket in 2021

Bitcoin is going to dance for years. It is going up and then it is going down. It is going to die and it will rise again…and again…and again. But each time this happens the low’s will be higher as the highs will be higher. Pontificate all you want. Scream and cry all you want.

 Listen to all the crap put out by the institutions about how bad it is (while they buy positions at a steady pace). Read all the blogs on how good it is. 

Read all the blogs on how stupid it is. Listen yet again to another ‘glamour’ coin that be ‘better’ than Bitcoin and fix all its ‘problems’. Trade and speculate with it and make money. Trade and speculate with it and lose your ass.

In the end, all that means nothing. Bitcoin will dance until enough of it is spread around to nestle into its eventual role as the true cryptocurrency for this planet. And then if will stabilize—just like all other ‘money’ does. I don’t know when that will be. I only know that until then the value trajectory on this ‘brainchild of Satoshi’s’ will be upward.

It will never be outlawed because the banks all know that digital money is necessary and is the future-AND JUST AS GOLD AND SILVER PROVIDE A VALUE BASE FOR ALL FIAT——Digital money requires the same support..only digital…only something people will trust like gold. 

The banks could never have produced such a currency that the people would trust and accept. Like all true innovation and advancement, bitcoin came from a single man—doing what he thought was right-and not giving a fuck about what the Fed Chairman had to say. Satoshi just did it and it is just right. 

The banks need that for credibility in any of their digital efforts so they will moan and posture and wring their hands, but in the end they will find a way to work with it because NONE of any of this will work without a value foundation.

So, Bitcoin most certainly will drop. The only real play other than guessing the short term market and getting lucky is to buy bitcoin and Hodl—because that’s what the banks will be doing. They will need Bitcoin in their wallets just like they need gold in their vaults.


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