Unlimited Free Internet Droid VPN Settings - How to get Free Internet Using Droid VPN for Airtel and MTN Settings 2022

First of all you have to download the Droid VPN from Google play store droidvpn is an easy app for Android devices which will help you bypass internet  restrictions
web filtering bypassing firewalls and browsing the internet for free

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2. Create a Droid VPN account
 So you can click here Droidvpn.com when you reach Droid VPN website click on sign up and you put in your username I prefer you use both of your names after that you put in your email address and you create a password after you finish that click on sign up and it will tell you to go
add check your email inbox after you go to your Gmail and open it you find the email containing the your username and password and tell you to click on the link to activate your account after you click on the link it will take you back tand this time you click on login to check if your account is working well and also activate additional 100mbs

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How can Droid VPN give you free internet.

Droid VPN can tunnel your traffic through icmp (IP over icmp)

How much data will you get from Droid vpn

So that you get from Droid VPN daily will depend
on how lucky you are some accounts can get 100mbs but most accounts get 200mbs per day . Droid VPN usually works well on most phones but the Data can get finished quickly if you are using tiktok YouTube and Droid VPN only gives you data once a day but if you start using
VPN and it's working very well for you I would recommed you to buy life time MBS for $9 yeah for a life time you also get the premium severs which do not have the sever full problem

Settings for Droid VPN

3. Click on Settings and then go to UDP Settings
4. Now configure this way: 

Open Droid and do the below tweaks

Remote UDP port:        80
Local UDP port:.           8080
Choose UDP mode:.    mode1
T count:.                         1
R count:.                         14

TCP settings
Local TCP port:.            440
Remote TCP port:.        0

Under ICMP settings
ICMP mode:.               static seq

tunnel MTU size:.        1024

Input your account details and connect.

Droid VPN trick airtel and MTN
How to set it go to settings
1. *Go to UDP settings*
Remote udp 80
Local udp 8080
UDP mode mode 1
T count -0
R count -3
2. *Go to ICMP settings*
Static  seq number
3. *Go to VPN connection setting*
Tunnel mtu size -1024
*Connect to random server and enjoy free internet*🤳🤟🏼

Problems with Droid VPN

1. Sever full
Well this is the most common thing people get but it's not always a big deal it's just that
the computer is telling you that users are many online and their is no more room for you at the time so what you do is to try again and again and it will login for you

2. Invalid username or password
Well if you see invalid username or password just that you have entered the wrong username and password or you don't not active your account you try checking your
email which Droid VPN set you copy the password and username from there

Open Droid and do the below tweaks
Only go to the UDP settings
But you should first create an account

UDP port:👉🏼👉🏼80
Local UDP port:👉🏼👉🏼8080
Choose UDP mode:👉🏼👉🏼mode1
T count:👉🏼👉🏼1
R count:👉🏼👉🏼11 or 14

You watch this YouTube video for more help

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  1. My droid vpn is not working yet I HV followed all instructions

  2. I don't know the names to use

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    1. Because the servers are full you should use it in the early mornings there it works well

  4. Replies
    1. Because the servers are full you should use it in the early mornings there it works well

    2. But it refused to work on Techno Spark why papa

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    1. My Droid VPN is not working

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  12. Please send me the username and password

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    1. That's normal try closing and reopening yr app

  16. Hi, I am from Afghanistan and I use Etisalat and MTM network. Is there any way I can use free droid internet?

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