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5 Reasons You Shouldn't Be Scared to Trade Bitcoin

5 Reasons You Shouldn't Be Scared to Trade Bitcoin   1. Introduction While some people are concerned about the current value of a bitcoin, others are busy trying to earn themselves a few bitcoins. If you're deciding whether or not you should buy some bitcoins, the following five reasons may help you decide. Bitcoin is censorship resistant, which is one of its greatest strengths. Bitcoin enables anyone in the world to send any amount of money to anyone else without involving a third party like PayPal or Western Union. Where these other institutions would block payments or censor transactions based on their internal policies, bitcoin does not discriminate. Anyone can use it from anywhere in the world without being hassled by their local governments or by corporations looking to make a profit. It's very hard for governments and central banks to control what happens with bitcoin because they cannot prevent people from using it unless they completely shut down the internet. Many

why definitely should not sell your Bitcoin

Firstly congratulations on owning your first whole Bitcoin.  I usually would have told you to hodl your one btc for the next 5 years which I'm sure Bitcoin might have been close to 100k if not more.  However, I suggest you make your btc work for you and the profit you are looking to earn by the year 2025 could realistically be earned in 3–6 months. Someone might need curious to know exactly how that can happen because I was at first too when I was holding 100% of my bitcoins. I decided to start trading on Pipsahoytrades dot io with about 0.02 btc and when I saw my profit increase exponentially I definitely reinvested my earnings. The awesome part is that I didn't have to trade by myself, the pipsahoy team handles all the trades, all I had to do was monitor my earnings and make withdrawals. Its been a joy ride ever since and I can boast of over 5 btc currently, well considering the dip it's scary I know but I'm still HODL and investing with Pipsahoytrades io What is Bitc

Droid VPN settings - How to get free internet using Droid VPN for Airtel and MTN settings

First of all you have to download the Droid VPN from Google play store droidvpn is an easy app for Android devices which will help you bypass internet  restrictions web filtering bypassing firewalls and browsing the internet for free 2. Create a Droid VPN account   So you can click here  when you reach Droid VPN website click on sign up and you put in your username I prefer you use both of your names after that you put in your email address and you create a password after you finish that click on sign up and it will tell you to go add check your email inbox after you go to your Gmail and open it you find the email containing the your username and password and tell you to click on the link to activate your account after you click on the link it will take you back to  and this time you click on login to check if your account is working well and also activate additional 100mbs Disclaimer of liability The material and information contained on this website is for

Will Bitcoin crush again in 2021 ?

Bitcoin may crush or sky rocket in 2021 Bitcoin is going to dance for years. It is going up and then it is going down. It is going to die and it will rise again…and again…and again. But each time this happens the low’s will be higher as the highs will be higher. Pontificate all you want. Scream and cry all you want.  Listen to all the crap put out by the institutions about how bad it is (while they buy positions at a steady pace). Read all the blogs on how good it is.  Read all the blogs on how stupid it is. Listen yet again to another ‘glamour’ coin that be ‘better’ than Bitcoin and fix all its ‘problems’. Trade and speculate with it and make money. Trade and speculate with it and lose your ass. In the end, all that means nothing. Bitcoin will dance until enough of it is spread around to nestle into its eventual role as the true cryptocurrency for this planet. And then if will stabilize—just like all other ‘money’ does. I don’t know when that will be. I only know that until then the v